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Yoga Mola
The power of peace and the harmony...
Column: Asia :: Turkey -
Yoga in Tashkent: ä , , ,...
ö ä ü SAODAT ä . ä ü ä ö ä ü .
Column: Asia :: Uzbekistan -
Body & Mind Retreats - Bali
Body and Mind Retreats offer their services by creating journeys of discovery through experiencing the nature of inner balance and Wellness. With an extensive network within the local healing community, along with the professional background in travel and events coordination, we seek to facilitate to you the feeling of being renewed and more...
Column: Asia :: Indonesia -
Yoga India Kerala Varkala
Hari is running his Yogahaus like a little Ashram , with a little bit more relaxed rules 8a.m. and 4 p.m. yoga, meditation by request, no nicotin, alcohol, TV, mobiles, computers, stereos He s offering accomodation, delicious breakfast and lunch kerala style, Sivananda yoga and Vipassana meditation. He is yoga and meditation teacher...
Column: Asia :: India -
Yoga Teacher Training Thailand - 200 hours
Located in the outskirts of Chiang Mai, our training facility is set in midst of rice fields and surrounded by hills and forests. The centre provides an Ashram-like environment, ideal for the full immersion experience in Traditional Yoga studies.
Column: Asia :: Thailand -
Drishti Yoga
A wonderful yoga place
Column: Asia :: China -
Vikasa - the evolution of yoga, by Konstantin Miachin
Vikasa Yoga in Koh Samui, Thailand is a boutique yoga studio and raw food organic restaurant. Spend 1 month on Koh Samui Island studying Yoga, eating amazing healthy food, and training to become a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher
Column: Asia :: Thailand -
Yoga Classes
Finding Yoga videos Yoga clothing and Yoga mats from Yoga vendors
Column: Asia :: Sri Lanka -
Wise Living Yoga Academy
Wise Living Yoga Academy is an educational body affiliated to The Yoga Institute of Santacruz, Mumbai India, the world s oldest organized Yoga institution, which imparts Yoga Education and Lifestyle Principles of Classical Yoga, following the lineage of the late Shri Yogendraji the father of Modern Yoga Renaissance direct disciple...
Column: Asia :: Thailand -
Yoga Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai Yoga & Meditation, Tai Chi & Chi Kung, Reiki and Astrology: In the Heart of Thailand: For Peace Health and Well Being:
Column: Asia :: Thailand -