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Europe Portugal
Yoga & Holistic-Riding Retreats
In this Retreat we connect the yoga with the holistic way of beeing with horses.You learn about body awearness,body communication,finding your self confidence and working as a team in horse human relationship,more:http: courses_workshops holistic-riding-and-yoga
Europe Portugal
Europe Portugal
Ashtanga Yoga Retreats Yoga Holidays Portugal
Yoga retreats Portugal. Welcome retreats run for April May June July August September October vegetarian
Europe Portugal
Europe Portugal
Retreats Algarve Surf Yoga Meditation Qi gong
Surf Yoga Retreats in Algarve to Reconnect Body Mind and nature Pure Flow Motions
Europe Portugal
Europe Portugal
Home YogaNature
Einmaliger Natur- und Yogaurlaub an der sonnenverwöhnten Algarve
Europe Portugal
Europe Portugal
Apura Yoga, Meditation und Wellenreiten in Portugal - Business Yoga,...
Apura Yoga Meditation und Wellenreiten in Portugal - Business Yoga Meditation für Führungskräfte
Europe Portugal
Europe Portugal
Yoga at Moses
Yoga, massage and acupuncutre in the Portuguese mountains Vale de Moses is an intimate, meditative retreat space with daily Dynamic Hatha Yoga classes, and Massage & Acupuncture treatments in the remote Portuguese mountains. Nestled in the valleys below the picturesque village of Amieira, Oleiros, Vale de Moses is an old restored terraced...
Europe Portugal